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It's About More Than Sales

Our philosophy is that our business is about people, not equipment.

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Welcome NingJun You!

We are excited to announce an addition to the team, NingJun You will be our VP of Sales for EMEA and Asia Pacific.

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When is the Best Time to Sell My Used Aerial Survey Equipment?

Do you know the best time and best way to sell your aerial survey equipment? At we can help you with your exit strategy.

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How to Keep Your Aerial Survey Aircraft Platform Busy

Make our Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace your first stop when searching for a platform to lease.

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Our New Website launches a new and improved website, featuring pre-owned equipment such as lidar, cameras, survey aircraft, mobile mapping systems, and more.

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Get the Best Price for Your Equipment

You’ve got your eye on a brand new lidar system and, let’s be honest… it’s an expensive investment for your business. Your current system will be sitting idle once your new sensor arrives. Each day that LiDAR sits in your inventory unused is one more day that your asset depreciates without adding any value to your bottom line.

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ClearSkies Geomatics Acquires

“The combination of our marketing efforts under a single website offers an exciting opportunity to strengthen and expand our service offering” explains Patrick McConnell, founder and President of ClearSkies Geomatics.

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Why Use Lidar?

Increase efficiency: Lidar is a faster way to map terrain, which means you can cover more ground as you map. You can also complete projects more quickly with lidar. Plus, lidar is more accurate than other mapping methods, giving you faster and higher-quality results.

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