How to Keep Your Aerial Survey Aircraft Platform Busy

April 4, 2022
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Let’s face it.

Owning and maintaining a survey aircraft is an EXPENSIVE part of the mapping business.

Some of us in the remote sensing world take the plunge and buy aircraft to fly projects. Others rely on leasing survey aircraft from other companies or aerial survey platformers.

It’s Hard Out There to Lease Survey Aircraft

We hear you. Our survey aircraft owners juggle scheduling, fuel, insurance, hangar fees, and keeping the crew busy. When a plane is not flying and earning money, it’s burning through the bank account. But finding a trustworthy leasing client is no picnic.

Where do you list it?

How do you communicate availability?

If you find a broker to help you, you’ve got broker fees to pay.

Alternatively, survey companies that don’t own their fleet are constantly searching for the right plane to lease.

During the busy season, survey-modified aircraft with hatches can be extremely hard to find.

How much time have you wasted hunting for platforms for lease… phone call after phone call?

Let’s not forget about the platformers who lease for a living.

You’ve got the aircraft, you’re ready to lease… how do you find the right clients?

The Only Global Marketplace to Lease Survey-Modified Aircraft!

Last year, we sat down for an interesting lunch with Paul Rousseaux, owner of Revolution Flight. He pitched us the idea of creating a marketplace where businesses like his could market their survey aircraft and take advantage of our niche focus and client base.

We LOVED the idea. We had the technology already in place on our website. Our Marketplace was born.

For aircraft owners and platformers: Our new Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace offers our clients a unique approach to find and lease aerial survey aircraft. We are the most well-known and respected provider of carefully curated and pre-owned aerial survey equipment in the world.

The people who visit are the exact target audience for your aircraft lease.

No more 10% broker fees or back-and-forth emails.

When you list your aircraft on our Marketplace, you can directly manage your listings and handle your leasing leads.

For survey companies looking for a lease: Make our Marketplace your first stop when searching for a survey aircraft for lease.

Over time, the Marketplace will grow, and we hope it will be the most effective and efficient way for you to find the plane you need when you need it.

What does get out of it?  We are happy to provide the space for our leasing clients to find the platform they need.

We prefer this graceful Marketplace solution for small monthly fees over brokering individual aircraft leasing deals for commission.

Using the Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace is Easy

Pick the right plan for you and sign up. It takes just a few minutes.

We’ll work with you to get your listing up and running.

If you’d rather have us do it for you, just send an email to

Once your listing is up, you can specify when your aircraft is available, track your leads, update details, and remove your listing at anytime.

There are no long-term contracts.

Marketplace visitors will be able to search for and view your listings and contact you directly.

Case Study: Revolution Flight

Revolution Flight is our first client to leverage the Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace.

They had three aircraft that they wanted to list on our site.

They chose the Popular Plan and we worked with them to get their aircraft details listed and their photos optimized.

Within days of launching their listings, they got their first lead!

Check It Out!

If you have aircraft to lease, sign up now.

If you are looking for aircraft to lease, visit the marketplace now.

Let us know what you think about the marketplace. Email

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