Keeping Safe Guidelines

Keeping Yourself Safe in our Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace Community

Welcome to ClearSkies Geomatics Inc.’s community! Our Survey Aircraft Leasing marketplace is a safe space to list your survey aircraft for lease, and find one to lease.

Be Respectful of the Community

We want everyone to feel safe while using our marketplace and communicating with others. To foster respect and inclusion, the following rules are enforced:

  • We do not allow hate speech, defamatory, indecent, offensive, profane, discriminatory, misleading, unlawful or threatening content in our listings. "Hate speech" refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group.  
  • If it comes to our attention that a Lessor has communicated personal attacks, name-calling, trolling or abuse, we will cancel the Lessor's account and remove their listing(s).
  • Spamming, posting promotional material or posting links to third party websites is not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to delete listings at our discretion and block any repeat offenders. We will remove content that is fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Our marketplace is a public place. Don’t post personal information that you would not be comfortable sharing with a stranger. Do not include in your listing any information that may identify you or anyone else, such as your address, email address or phone number. Your listing will have a link that allows a potential Lessee to fill out a form and send you an email. Once you receive a Lessee's inquiry, you can decide how to communicate with them, and may choose to provide your phone number at that time.


We ask all users to post photos and link to video content responsibly. This site is to list your survey aircraft. Any media content included in your posting should feature your aircraft only.

Here are some rules to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Do not post photos or links to videos of pornography or sexually explicit content. Nudity or media that is intended to be sexually provocative is prohibited. Any suspected child exploitation will be reported to law enforcement.
  • Do not post photos or links to videos showing violence, physical assault, humiliation, animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drug use or any illegal activity.
  • Do not post photos or links to videos that feature using equipment in ways that may intentionally injure or harm, including the use of equipment with artillery.
  • Do not post photos or links to videos of accidents, dead bodies or anything intended to shock or disgust.
  • Do not post photos or links to videos involving children (anyone under the age of 18).
  • Respect copyright. Only post photos and links to videos that you created or that you are authorized to use. This includes ensuring that you are not infringing on copyright for music tracks.

We Enforce These Guidelines

If ClearSkies Geomatics, Inc finds inappropriate photos or links to videos on our Site, we will remove them. We reserve the right to terminate a Seller’s account for violation of these guidelines. If your account is terminated, you will not be allowed to create any new accounts.

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