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We bring a combined total of over 90 years of expertise to help our clients buy and sell aerial survey equipment.

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Welcome to AERIALSURVEY.com, the portal for ClearSkies Geomatics and BlueBird Geo. We bring a combined total of over 50 years of expertise to help our clients buy and sell aerial survey equipment.

The AERIALSURVEY.COM portal supports clients in North and South America through ClearSkies Geomatics. Our clients in EMEA are primarily supported through our new company, Bluebird Geo, headquartered in Ireland.

We offer high-quality equipment, and we understand that equipment as well. This means that we know how to ensure the equipment is in good condition and priced right to give you an overall great buying or leasing experience. We import and export Remote Sensing technologies such as photogrammetric hardware/software solutions as well as lidar solutions.

We have built our reputation by providing clients and manufacturers with ethical representation allowing for a better customer experience in purchasing these sophisticated systems. If you have high-quality aerial survey equipment to sell or lease, or you are looking to acquire any aerial survey equipment, we look forward to helping you.

Call us at (303) 819-2572 or email to aerialsurvey@aerialsurvey.com to learn more.

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