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First-Rate Aerial Survey Gear for Your Mapmaking Needs


ClearSkies Global Broker and Reseller Services for Used and New Aerial Survey Equipment

Make AERIALSURVEY.com  your primary resource in North America, the UK, EMEA and APAC to buy, sell, and rent professional survey equipment and aircraft.

ClearSkies services ensure that the equipment we broker is in good condition and priced right to give you an overall great buying or renting experience. We import and export Remote Sensing technologies such as photogrammetric hardware/software solutions as well as lidar solutions.

We have built our reputation by providing clients and manufacturers with ethical representation allowing for a better customer experience in purchasing these sophisticated systems. If you have high-quality aerial survey equipment to sell or rent, or you are looking to acquire any aerial survey equipment, ClearSkies brokerage services can help you.



ClearSkies Geomatics is now offering a new Riegl VQ-1560 II-S as a complete system for short-term rentals. This is available to rent as a turnkey system with mount, camera, GPS/IMU and software for high-accuracy acquisition.

What we offer?

First-Rate Aerial Survey Gear for Your Mapmaking Needs

Preowned Leica Terrain Mapper

Pre-Owned Equipment

We are the largest global broker for pre-owned aerial survey equipment. We are deeply experienced with remote sensing technologies such as photogrammetric hardware/software solutions, lidar solutions, medium and large format survey cameras, and aircraft platforms. When we broker a sale, we support the transaction from beginning to end, including support for export/import.

We’re also experts at handling ITAR-restricted equipment.
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Mark Schubert, CEO and President of Aerial Surveys International

Mark Schubert

Aerial Surveys International

Clearskies / aerialsurvey.com provided us the ability to access used equipment that still fills the requirements to our projects when additional capacity has been needed.

New Equipment

ClearSkies Geomatics is an authorized North American reseller for state-of-the-art SOMAG Gyrostabilized Mounts. These mounts combine traditional physics with modern electronics. SOMAG AG Jena is a world-renowned company that develops and manufactures Gyro Stabilization Devices to carry airborne, land and marine sensors. We also partner with other manufacturers such as Phase One, Phoenix Lidar Systems, and Lead'Air to offer new products.

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I have used the ClearSkies portal, aerialsurvey.com, to sell some of my aerial survey equipment. This has enabled me to get some value out of equipment that I no longer needed. The process was smooth and I appreciated the communication and support.
Yoeri Slagboom

Yoeri Slagboom

Owner, Slagboom en Peeters Luchtfotografie

Renting Available

Do you have extra capacity?

Renting is a great way to keep your high-quality lidar, aircraft, and complete systems busy between projects. If you have a unique project, or are exploring expanding your services, renting a system may make the best sense.

Some of our systems are both for sale and for rent, others just renting opportunities. Check out the page and contact us for details. We help our clients on both sides of a lease to ensure the proper leasing contract, insurance, mob/de-mob details are clearly established.

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Nathaneal Litter

Nathaneal Litter


The AerialSurvey.com portal provided us with immediate access to our target audience. This helped us to increase visibility and credibility courtesy of ClearSkies brand and reputation. They are the ultimate resource in all things survey.

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