We now offer a targeted strategy for businesses looking to lease survey aircraft. Get started today!

How does it work?


  • List up to 5 survey aircraft for lease
  • Up to 10 photos & 1 video per listing
  • Get lead notifications instantly on your personal sales portal
  • Featured on the homepage
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How does it work?

We offer our clients a unique, niche marketplace to find and lease aerial survey aircraft. Stop spending hours searching aircraft listings that aren't suited to your unique survey needs. is the global leader for buying and selling aerial survey equipment, and we've been respected in the aerial survey industry for decades. We now offer a targeted strategy for businesses looking to lease survey aircraft.

Safe and Secure: We verify each aircraft leasing member so you can feel confident that all listings are uniquely survey aircraft.

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To ensure safe communications, quality listings, and appropriate listing images, we verify each Leasing Member before approving their listing.

Seller Verification Process:

  1. Email Verification
  2. Provide phone number, company name, and website.

We will contact you directly to clarify your contact details and the aircraft you plan to list so we can ensure you are a great match for our marketplace and your aircraft or fleet are properly represented.


Submit your survey aircraft for lease.

Create your aircraft lease listings

One you are approved as a verified Leasing Member, you create a unique listing for each aircraft. You can include photos, links to videos, a detailed description, and your leasing price. You can indicate in your listing terms and conditions.

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Track leads.

When approved, you will get an email confirmation that your listing has been published. You will see your listings featured on the Survey Aircraft Leasing Marketplace homepage and your listings will also be featured in our newsletters. Potential lessees email you directly, and you can also track your leads your lease portal.

After you lease, update your listing as needed, or cancel your subscription at any time.