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Complete system:

  • Great system for high altitude acquisition. It can do on average about 100 sq.miles/hour of QL2 or about 30 sq.miles/hr of QL1 LiDAR data @ 100 knots (Cessna 206 aircraft or equivalent)
  • 2016 Sensor head (Approx. 380 laser on time hours) 
  • Data recorder
  • Novatel pwrpak7/IMAR FSAS
  • Track'air NanoTrack ProUltra
  • Includes a single user dongle with all software to flight plan, acquire, process the GPS/IMU trajectory and make the LAS point cloud.
    • RiAcquire (this comes with the laser)
    • RiProcess
    • RiAnalyze
    • RiAnalyse GPU
    • RiMTA
    • RiWorld
    • Inertial Explorer 8.7 (separate license)
    • SNAPplan, SNAPshot for planning and FMS for the NanoTrack (separate license)

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