Why Use Lidar?

April 1, 2021
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Top benefits of using lidar in Aerial Surveying

Lidar offers a number of benefits over other mapping techniques. When you use Lidar, you can:

  • Increase efficiency: Lidar is a faster way to map terrain, which means you can cover more ground as you map. You can also complete projects more quickly with lidar. Plus, lidar is more accurate than other mapping methods, giving you faster and higher-quality results.
  • Map at all times: With the use of the active illumination sensor on lidar technology, you can map accurately both day and night, giving you more flexibility with your work schedule.
  • Avoid distortions: Unlike side-looking radar, lidar doesn’t produce any geometric distortions. This means that you get a clear and accurate map every time.
  • Map elevation: In places like forests where the trees are dense, normal mapping equipment can have a difficult time determining elevation, but not lidar. You can use it in even a densely covered area to collect elevation information.
Lidar is an effective and efficient way to map. It is also perfect to integrate with other data sources to deliver quality and accuracy every time.

Lidar is a revolutionary new way of mapping, but procuring the equipment for it can be difficult and expensive. AERIALSURVEY.com wants to change that. We sell and lease used lidar mapping equipment to give you the opportunity to collect data affordably and conveniently. If you want to get better mapping results, call us at (303) 819-2572 to learn more.

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