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A Best Fit Partnership: ClearSkies Geomatics and Phoenix Lidar Systems

Lidar News feature: A Conversation with ClearSkies Geomatics and Phoenix Lidar Systems about their partnership.

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Top 10 Types of Aerial Surveying Equipment & Their Uses

Explore the top 10 types of aerial surveying equipment, including LIDAR, photogrammetry cameras, and UAVs, for precise spatial data collection.

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ClearSkies Geomatics is now offering a new Riegl VQ-1560 II-S as a complete system for short-term rentals. This is available to rent as a turnkey system with mount, camera, GPS/IMU and software for high-accuracy acquisition.

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Phoenix Lidar Systems: Multi-Platform Sensors for Powerful 3D Scanning

Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of Phoenix Lidar Systems, now available for purchase or rent through Delve into the Ranger Flex Dual Mobile Scanner, Ranger LR-Lite, and Ranger-XL, discovering their multi-platform versatility for transportation infrastructure mapping, oil and gas surveying, agriculture monitoring, and more.

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Navigating the Skies Together: Airborne Lidar with ClearSkies Geomatics and Phoenix Lidar Systems

Learn about the collaboration between ClearSkies Geomatics and Phoenix Lidar Systems in our latest blog article. Discover how their partnership provides turnkey aerial lidar solutions for the manned aerial survey market.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Survey Equipment Rental

Explore the benefits of Survey Equipment Rental and discover how to get the most out of your rentals for survey aircraft, aerial survey lidar, and large-format cameras.

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Elevate Your Understanding: Exploring Aerial Lidar for the Mapping Industry

How does aerial lidar technology work? Learn about several types of lidar, their different scanning mechanisms, and more in our in-depth review of these powerful sensors. Elevate your understanding of aerial Lidar for precise mapping and gain insights into its advantages and challenges.

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Aerial Survey Unveiled: Your Ultimate Guide to High-Flying Data Collection

Explore our comprehensive guide to aerial survey equipment. From airborne lidar to advanced cameras to gyrostabilized mounts, uncover the top technologies shaping our aerial survey industry.

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Phoenix Lidar Systems- How to Decide Between the Ranger-XL, Ranger-Ultra, and Ranger LR LITE

The Phoenix Lidar Systems Ranger series covers the spectrum from the lightweight lidar for UAV up to powerful lidar for small fixed wing aircraft. So how do you decide which is the right scanner system for your business? This article features our thoughts on three of the most popular and powerful lidar systems: Ranger-XL, Ranger-Ultra, and Ranger LR LITE.

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How to Invest in Lidar Sensors for Longevity

Is it better to have one top-of-the-line sensor or multiple sensors? How might point cloud accuracy compare between sensors on the same project? Do you want to provide the most accurate data for your clients, or just enough accuracy? Read the rest of this article to answer these questions.

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From Pigeons to Planets - 10 Fun Facts in Geospatial History

The history of the geospatial industry is complex, there is so much information to learn. I invite you, the reader, to read this article whether you have been in this industry for 40 years or you are brand new like me. See if you learn something new!

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Top 4 Things To Know When Buying Your First Lidar

So, you want to buy your first lidar. Here are 4 things to know when buying your first lidar.

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When is the Best Time to Sell My Used Aerial Survey Equipment?

Do you know the best time and best way to sell your aerial survey equipment? At we can help you with your exit strategy.

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Get the Best Price for Your Equipment

You’ve got your eye on a brand new lidar system and, let’s be honest… it’s an expensive investment for your business. Your current system will be sitting idle once your new sensor arrives. Each day that LiDAR sits in your inventory unused is one more day that your asset depreciates without adding any value to your bottom line.

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Why Use Lidar?

Increase efficiency: Lidar is a faster way to map terrain, which means you can cover more ground as you map. You can also complete projects more quickly with lidar. Plus, lidar is more accurate than other mapping methods, giving you faster and higher-quality results.

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