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Riegl Inside! This complete system incorporates the Riegl VUX-160-23 laser scanner.

The RANGER-U160-23 adds range and density capabilities to an already unrivaled mapping system. Its unique forward and rear-looking field of view was designed to minimize laser shadowing and provide a high level of detail on vertical surfaces.

Pulse rates up to 2.4 MHz and the ability to be carried flown on a helicopter making it ideal for corridor mapping applications such as utility, rail, and pipeline inspection.

Featuring the Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox

This system includes the new AIR NavBox. This ultra-lightweight box greatly increases flexibility in key areas:

  • Reducing weight to allow longer flight-times on lighter UAVs.
  • Improved data throughput to accommodate multiple sensors producing more data as pixel count and pulse repetition frequencies increase.

The new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 125 x 50 mm
  • Weight
  • 450g
  • Control via button, 4g, wifi or ethernet
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