How does it work?

We offer our clients a unique, niche marketplace to buy and sell professional-grade survey drones, UAV lidar, cameras, and accessories. is the global leader for buying and selling aerial survey equipment, and we've been respected in the aerial survey industry for decades. We now offer a targeted strategy for businesses looking to buy or sell well-cared for UAS.

Safe and Secure: We verify each Seller prior to approving their listing to ensure they are a legitimate survey business, and we encourage marketplace members to use an escrow service to facilitate their transaction.

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We offer three plan options to list your equipment in the UAS/UAV marketplace.

To ensure safe communications, legitimate equipment and transactions, we verify each Seller before approving their membership and each listing.

Seller Verification Process:

  1. Email Verification
  2. Provide phone number, company name, and website.

We actively review your contact information to ensure that you represent an active business with a confirmed web presence. We may also check your LinkedIn profile or contact you directly to clarify your contact details.


Submit your UAS gear for sale.

Create your UAS / UAV listings

One you are approved as a verified Seller, you create a unique listing for each complete UAS, or list your components separately if you prefer. You can include photos, links to videos, a detailed description, and your sales price. You can indicate in your listing if you would like to use an escrow service to facilitate payment. Each listing is reviewed by staff and approved for display in the marketplace.

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When approved, you will get an email confirmation that your listing has been published. If you have selected the Premium Plan, or if your system is being brokered, you will see your listings featured on the UAS/UAV marketplace homepage and your listings will also be featured in our newsletters. Buyers email you directly, and you can also track your leads your seller portal.

Transact safely and securely through our recommended escrow partner. Using an escrow service adds an additional level of security and enables buyers and sellers to establish the specific terms of the sale and detail import/export documents when shipping across borders.

After you make your sale, update your listing to remove it from the marketplace. Sell more, or cancel your subscription at any time.

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