Complete VUX-SYS setup with VUX1-LR! Contact us for full details. This won't last long.
1. RIEGL VP-1 HeliCopterPod: **
2. **Adapter Plate for IMU mounting for VUX-SYS with AP20 **adapter plate for mounting the IMU sensor to the VUX-1 laser scanner engine
3. **VUX-SYS-CU with AP20 **with compact IMU/GNSS unit (Applanix AP20) including GNSS antenna and IMU Sensor (IMU-42) which is directly attached to the VUX-1 scanner engine, with VUX-SYS Control Unit
VP-1 mechanical mounting for 3x Sony Alpha 6000** (2x oblique + 1x nadir)
5. 3x Camera for integration with VUX-SYS, Sony Alpha 6000
6. 3x Lens for VUX-SYS Camera, Sony E16mm F2.8 Pancake lens
7. VP-1 Transport Case
8. RiAcquire Data Acquisition License / no maintenance
9. Platform for mobile mapping

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