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Orion C200


2010 Optech Orion C200

  • Excellent for helicopter and low AGL fixed wing mapping
  • Incredibly accurate (≤5cm RMSEz achievable)
  • Extremely good at detecting small targets like powerlines, static wires, distribution cables, etc.
  • Adjustable field of view with roll compensation
  • Selectable pulse rates
  • Operated for a total of 6 years


  • Sensor head
    • 1541 nm eye safe laser
    • Scanner
    • POS AV510 (internally mounted LN200 IMU; ring laser gyro)
    • Sensor interface plate (custom design to mount up to 5 cameras [3 nadir and 2 oblique]; cameras not included)
    • 28V Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • System laptop with the following software:
    • POS AV (2.4)
    • ALTM-NAV Full (2.6.116e)
    • ALTM-NAV Planner (2.6.116e)
    • Disk Extract (7.8
  • Pilot navigation display
  • GNSS antenna
  • GNSS cable
  • All cables to operate the system
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