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LiAir X3


2022 Green Valley LiAir X3 Lidar System

  • Compact Lidar sensor for DJI M300/M350 Series Drones
  • Barely Used: Only approximately 12 hours of use
  • Included: 
    • GVI X3 LiDAR Scanner 
    • Built in 26mp Camera for Colorization
    • GVI Base Station with GNSS Antenna (Was optional and added initial cost)
    • 3 Batteries and Charger for Base Station (Was optional and added initial cost)
    • GNSS Auxiliary antennas for M300 
    • Mounting Kit for GNSS Antenna
    • Cables 
    • SD Card 
    • Thumb Drive 
    • Wrench
    • Hard Carry Case 
  • Last Calibration - Manufacture Calibration, file included 
  • Software included: LiGeoreference (Pre Post Processing for Bore Site and Trajectory)
  • IMU - Green Valley International 
  • Key Features:
    • One Button Start and Stop Data Collection 
    • IP 54 Rating 
    • Quick 60 Second IMU Warm Up
    • Records to SD Card for easy data retrieval 
    • Available Green Valley app for controller for auto capture and flight planning 
    • Can be mounted to optional Hand Held Slam System 
    • Detection Range 190m @ 10% reflectance 

**The drone in the pictures is not included, it is for example of size and mounting of the LiDAR Scanner. 

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