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LiAir V70 with Sony A5100 Camera


2020 LiAir V70 With Sony A5100

  • 240000 photos, 16mm
  • 122 hours, 2021 calibration FW update
  • Lens protection filter 
  • Skyport for DJI M300
  • 64GB SD card 
  • External LCD screen 
  • GNSS base station
  • 2 x GNSS rover antennas for DJI M300 with bracket mount and cables 
  • Mavic 2 battery for external power supply
  • Tools for maintenance, 
  • Travel case
  • LiAcquire web for system setup and LiGeoreference SW v1.4 for postprocessing on USB drive
  • IMU Novatel, FMS use UGCS

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