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NEW with ONE-YEAR Warranty! PHOENIX HyrdroRANGER with Riegl VQ-840-G Laser Scanner), sold with IMU-30, A7R4-Lite 61MP RGB camera, Phoenix software and training!

This New airborne topo-bathymetric (ATB) system provides dual purpose topographic and bathymetric measurements for full scene mapping of shoreline systems. 

  • Capable of reaching beyond 2 Secchi depths
  • Green light laser (532nm) with online waveform processing for topographic, water surface and water subsurface target mapping.
  • Elliptical scan pattern provides a +/- 20 degree horizontal FOV for low angle of incident measurements
  • High quality 24 MP camera enables RGB colorization and orthophotography.
  • Measurement rates up to 200 kHz


    • 58.5x123x48.1 mm
    • 450 g
  • Operating Voltage: 18-28 V DC
  • Power Consumption: 122 W (typical) ︱232 W (max)
  • Weight: 21 kg / 46.3 lbs (Air NavBox and Heli Vibration Isolator)
  • Operating Temperature: 0˚–40˚ C
  • Accuracy Position: 1cm + 1ppm RMS horizontal
  • PP Attitude Heading RMS Error: 0.010° / 0.019°

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