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Bobcat IGV‐B4820


Lightly Used Color/Multispectral Camera System

(IR, R, G, B, RGB 16 mp each for 80 mp total)

  • 5 Imperx Bobcat IGV‐B4820 (4904 x 3280) Cameras customized for multispectral, used on a few select projects
  • 5 Carl Zeiss Lenses/Filters ‐ f/1.4, 35mm with 54° maximum field of view
  • 5 camera Link cables

Color/Multispectral 12TB Solid State Recording System

Multispectral Data Recorder ‐ Operates to 16,000 ft ASL

  • 3 Dedicated shuttle drive bays
  • 6 Swappable high altitude‐ready solid state shuttle drives, 2 TB Each
  • 3 shuttle drive download modules

Aircraft Installation

Installation using customer aircraft CAD drawings

  • Mounting plate design and fabrication
  • Shock mounts
  • Custom cabling
  • Control Electronics rack
  • In‐flight control computer & software for lidar, color and MS cameras
  • 12V & 24VDC power supplies suitable for helicopters and fixed‐wing aircraft
  • Uninterruptable power supply for critical system components
  • Customized rack design for given aircraft as per customer requirements
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