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TU-206H Turbo Stationair


2001 Cessna TU-206H Turbo Stationair

Airframe TT: 3,315

Camera Hatch: 20” Camera Hole Operable Pax Window

  • All maintenance and operational requirements are fit to FAA and EASA regulations
  • All safety/quality/regulation documentation managing by approval CAMO and maintenance center
  • Always hangared
  • Corrosion-free perfect airframe


  • STC SA01782LA-130 Amp. ALTERNATOR
  • STC SA 4366WE Flint Aero Auxiliary Fuel Kit
  • STC SA 00515 DE 20” Camera Hole Operable Pax Window
  • STC SA 755GL TKS Anti-Icing System
  • STC SA 00887 SE Vortex Generators on Wings, Tail Surfaces and Vertical Fin
  • STC SA 008871 SE Rosen Sun Visors
  • STC SA02572AT PXE 7300 AM/FM/CD

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