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iXM - 50mp with 80mm AF RSM Lens


2021 Phase One iXM- 50mp with 80mm AF RSM Lens

The Phase One iXM cameras are made for demanding applications requiring high resolution and wide depth of field. The data delivered provides wide, clean, and sharp images. 

The iXM camera is able to take these images without the need for a stabilization platform. The iXM camera is compact and can easily integrate with low-weight gimbal systems. 

The iXM cameras are made for low power usage and optimized heat dissipation, this allows the camera to execute long missions with even smaller platforms. 

System Includes:

  • 2021 iXM-50mp body
    • 50 shot count
  • RSM 80mm AF lens 
    • 50 shot count
  • Demo Unit in box
  • One year warranty on all original cords

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