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UrbanMapper-2 Performance

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IGI-40518IGI UrbanMapper-2 Performance Aerial Camera System

Complete System Rental Includes:                                                     

  • Photogrammetric 2-IN-1 Aerial Camera System 
    • Large Format + Oblique Views to all sides 
    • Professional Phase One Digital Aerial Camera Heads 
    • Coverage of 34,500 x 14,100 pixels
    • Coverage of 14,204 x 10,652 pixels (obliques) 
    • BSI-CMOS Sensor Technology 
    • FMC by BCM (Blur Control Management) 
    • Channels: RGBI, RGB, CIR, NIR, 4x RGB oblique 
    • Pixel Size: 3.76µm 
    • High Frame Rate: 0.6 seconds 
    • High Dynamic Range > 83db 
    • 3x Rhodenstock RS lens, f=90mm, RGB 
    • 4x Schneider-Kreuznach RS lens, f=110mm, RGB 
    • 1x PhaseOne RSM lens, f=35mm, NIR
    • Exposure times down to 1/2000s 
  • IGI Precise Focussing
  • 4x DigiControl SMU-2 for precise camera control & synchronisation 
  • 2 sets of 16TB (4x 2+2TB) hot-plug SSD Storage Units with IGI Redundant Storage Technology 
  • 20 inch TFT Operator touch-screen incl. RAM mounting 
  • IGIvisu - Integrated Sensor Management 
  • IGI UrbanMapper Housing, can be fitted into GSM-3000/4000 or PAV80/100 gyrostabilized mount 
  • IGI IPS - Image Processing Software 
  • Set of associated cabling for power and data

GNSS/INS Positioning System: AEROcontrol / TERRAcontrol Compact FOG-II

  • High-Accuracy System for Precise Positioning and Attitude Determination comprising of:
  • AEROcontrol Compact FOG-II unit
  • Integrated, Internal, High-End L1/L2/L-Band
  • GPS/GLONASS Receiver
  • Integrated FOG-based Inertial Measurement Unit
    • IMU Data Rate: 256Hz
  • Set of Cabling for Power and Data

AEROcontrol Precise Leveling

  • Introduction of AEROcontrol IMU values into the mount to improve the stabilization accuracy incl. related cabling

GNSS/IMU Post-processing Software Package

  • AEROoffice Local License Post-processing Software
  • Forward/Backwards Kalman Filter Algorithm for Optimal Results 
  • GrafNav Local License GNSS Post-processing 

Mission Planning & Flight Guidance: IGIplan Local License

  • Mission Planning Software 
  • Automatic Flightplan Creation 
  • Support for aerial cameras (RGB+IR), LiDAR, thermal cameras, Radar and hyperspectral. 
  • Worldwide DEM Support
  • Nadir & Oblique Planning
  • Online GSD Classification 
  • Export: ASCII, Shape, DXF, Raster Map, Google... 
  • Editors: Map, DTM, Sensor, WMS, Coordinate System 
  • More than 600 local coordinate systems 
  • Drag and modify flight lines interactively 
  • Bing, Google Earth and WMS support 
  • 3D Nvidia graphic device recommended 

CCNS-5 Flight Guidance & Sensor Management System 

  • 6.5" LED display with 1024x768 pixel resolution 
  • ST-NLT reduces the surface reflections of ambient light and keeps the screen readable in bright sunlight 
  • SDCard for mission and customization storage 
  • Customizeable Info Boxes 
  • Pilot Only Missions 
  • Map & Approach Mode, Wind Adjustment incl. CCNS-5 customization software 
  • CCNS-5 - Pilot/Secondary
  • CCNS-5 Terrain Following
  • Additional Custom Info Box to always adapt optimally to the terrain 
  • SMU Connect-XT
  • Connection Unit for CCNS-5 and AEROcontrol

Charged separately - not included in monthly-basis rental price:

  • Calibration of DigiCAM
    • Calibration with Calibration Certificate
    • Prerequisite: Camera and AEROcontrol data from flight with calibration pattern to be delivered by customer

Software licenses to be provided during rental period: 

  • IPS - Image Processing Software7
  • IGIplan
  • AEROoffcie+GrafNav
Available May 2024
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