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PHOENIX Spatial Explorer

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PHOENIX Spatial Explorer Software

The core of Phoenix LiDAR software, SpatialExplorer, is an expandable suite that contains everything you need for a start-to-finish remote sensing project. From acquisition and mission guidance to post processing and delivery.

Key Features


  • Configure all system sensor and store custom profiles to ensure the correct settings during each acquisition
  • A real-time point cloud and detailed navigation feedback provide instantaneous data quality control in the field
  • Live sensor control during acquisition allows the operator to respond as necessary


  • Cloud and local GNSS/INS trajectory processing options
  • Calibrate point clouds with industry leading trajectory optimization and boresight computation methods through Phoenix’s latest LiDARSnap
  • CameraSnap sensor calibration and image bundle adjustment creates seamless RGB projection
  • The ability to process data from airborne, mobile or other types of acquisitions using a single software
  • Custom data analysis through automated filtering routines, manual classification tools, change detection, clearance analysis, and more
  • Fully automated project and processing reports for internal QC and delivery to end user


  • Navigation guidance for pilots and mobile vehicle operators to stay exactly on the planned course
  • Collection management for operators to ensure accurate and complete data acquisition

SpatialPro (an SE module) gives users full control over their post-processing workflow. This desktop software contains industry leading calibration tools, spot on cloud colorization, custom analytics and classification, and automated reporting for missions from Airborne, UAV and Mobile systems.

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