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PHOENIX Mission Guidance

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PHOENIX Mission Guidance Software

In unmanned acquisition, a flight plan is commonly loaded into the UAV and executed by the flight controller with predictable velocity and accuracy. However, unmanned acquisition adds a pilot/driver as an additional source of uncertainty.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems' Mission Guidance is designed to help streamline manned LiDAR data acquisition by supplying the pilot/driver with guidance information. The same flight plan that would be navigated by a UAV's flight controller is now visualized to the pilot relative to the vehicle's current position along with allowed tolerances, allowing fine adjustments in real time.

A wide range of configuration options allows customizing the visualization to the pilot's preferences, while a deep integration into SpatialExplorer supports intuitive flight plan management by the sensor operator.


Load and review a flight plan in SpatialExplorer prior to flight. Users can organize the approach, check and adjust heights, and configure the interface as desired.


Real-time acquisition management by the sensor operator from within SpatialExplorer during flight: ensuring that all passes are successfully collected within tolerance and according to the plan, rescheduling lines as necessitated by weather or other external factors, and making in-flight decisions confidently.

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