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PHOENIX LiDARMill Software

Processing your lidar data in the cloud has never been easier. View your data, track project status, and invite clients to view point clouds – all from your LiDARMill dashboard with faster turnaround times and lower overhead costs. LiDARMill can be customized to serve any size organization, from small survey teams to government departments with heavy post-processing requirements.


NavLab: Trajectory

NavLab combines IMU and GNSS data to generate a smoothed and accurate trajectory, a critical step to producing survey-grade data.

Auto Flight Line Detection

LiDARMill automatically detects and omits turns and calibration patterns, focusing only on data-collecting flight lines and reducing processing time.

LiDARSnap Adjustment

LiDARSnap is a powerful feature that minimizes offsets from multiple flight lines, exporting aligned data in the industry-standard LAS format.

Classification & DTM

LiDARMill automatically generates a ground/non-ground LAS and gridded DTM using data processed in previous steps.

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