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2023 Phase One iXM-GS120

The Phase One iXM-GS120 camera captures the finest details of rapidly moving objects. This sensor provides the accuracy and resolution required at the highest speeds due to its electronic global shutter. 

The dynamic range and image quality of the iXM-GS120 enable you to capture important details even under unfavorable conditions. The iXM-GS120 has low power consumption and is weatherproof. This sensor captures a large number of pixels (12,768 x 9,3564 pixels), has the fastest shutter speed on the market, and has no required mechanical shutter. 

This camera system includes:

  • 120 Megapixels image data at 6 fps
  • Geotagged images
  • Continuous HD Video stream
  • 1 TB in camera storage 
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