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GSM 4000

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The GSM 4000 is the flagship of the airborne product line and was developed for large format sensors. SOMAG‘s largest three axes gimbal is extremely powerful with a payload up to 120 kg. The control panel on top of the mount guarantees user-friendly handling. The USB port allows you to connect the device with the SOMAG Mount Control App.

  • Hydraulic gimbal system for highest stiffness with unmatched dynamics
  • Lift up function for easy accessibility of the camera lens or the bottom of the sensor
  • Passive Vibration Isolation Ring for decoupling of high frequency oscillations
  • Usable with SOMAG Mount Control App

  • Vexcel UltraCam
  • RIEGL lidar
  • Teledyne Optech lidar
  • IGI Mapping Systems

Angular Stabilization Ranges

Pitch at 0° Roll: ≤± 8.8°

Roll at 0° Pitch: ≤± 7.0°

Yaw (Drift): ≤± 25.0°

Residual Angular Rate1

≤± 0.2°/s rms

Residual Deviation

without IMU Support1: ≤ 0.3° rms

with IMU Support1,2: ≤ 0.02° rms


10…120 kg | 22…264.6 lbs


29 kg | 63.9 lbs


(Regular Leveling Positions)

Length: 615 mm | 24.2 in

Width: 530 mm | 20.9 in

Height4: 175 mm | 6.9 in

Usable Diameter

Ø410 mm | Ø16.1 in

Operating Temperature

-15 °C …+55 °C | -5 °F…+131 °F

Storage Temperature

-55 °C…+85 °C | -40 °F…+185 °F

Communication Interfaces

RS 232 | USB

Operational Voltage

28 VDC (24…30 VDC)

Average Power Consumption at Operational Voltage

50 W

Peak Power Consumption at Operational Voltage

180 W

Applied Standards

RTCA DO-160-G, EUROCAE-14G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery

Preliminary data, subject to change

1 Vehicle angular motion <10°/s and with typical data acquisition profile frequency spectrum

2 Deviation from perpendicular depends on accuracy of used IMU

3 Minimum payload is based on usage of Passive Vibration Isolation Ring

4 Minimum 149.5 mm / Maximum 200.5 mm (Minimum 5.8 in/ Maximum 7.9 in)

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