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UltraCam Eagle MK3


2018 UltraCam Eagle M3, focal length 100mm

  • Complete system
  • Includes positioning and FMS
  • f100mm lens kit contains 100mm lens for PAN and 33mm lens for RGBNIR
  • Additional UltraCam Eagle lens kit f210 contains 210mm lens for PAN and 70mm lens for RGBNIR, mounting kit - never used
  • Stabilized mount UltraMount GSM 4000 (unlocked functions for modifying stabilization movement restrictions)
  • UltraNav 510 V6 Direct Georeferencing & Flight Management System, consisting of: (IMU-44, GPS-17: BD982, Pilot Display SR-820, POSTrack software)
  • 2x SSD data unit to be used on board, 10TB of storage

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