Available for Wet Lease Hire in Europe:
- The aircraft has been retrofitted for multi-mission capabilities:
- Independent mission power supply system 60 Amps @ 28 Volts
- 6 Electric busses – 14/28 Volts switchable
- Separate mission battery / Separate ground power socket
- Main Hatch, Behind pilot seat 650mmx412mmx116mm (max 110kg)
- Rear Hatch , 390mmx305mmx110mm (max 30kg)
- Passive surveillance painting – air superiority grey
- Lowest noise emission
- Hardpoints for various antenna installations
- STOL and rough runway operations
- Field-proven Rotax engine, worldwide support network, low fuel consumption.
- Possible to operate up to 100hours away from maintenance locations, the crew is trained and certified to 50hours inspection off-field.
- Mission GPS antenna – Source for geo-referencing and moving map
- Surround-view windows. Optimizing the pilot´s field of view.
- Available for wet lease hire in Europe
- SPO operator with High-Risk operations approval

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