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KASI Services was created to provide world wide,full flight services to airborne geophysical companies. We offer aviation services to Survey, LiDAR and Airborne photo companies, providing them with well maintained and well equipped aircraft. Our versatile and proven fleet of Piper Navajo’s is an excellent platform for the installation, testing and operation of a variety of equipment. KASI Aviation understands the business of airborne surveying and is always available to meet the needs of their clients. We offer fully trained staff, ready to assist or oversee the equipment installation from start to finish. Stringent training at KASI Aviation ensures that our highly experienced and fully bilingual pilots are ready for a multitude of missions, including low level survey and Airborne LiDAR flights.

KASI Aviation is ready to provide secure and professional flight operations throughout North America and around the world.

KASI Aviation Health & Safety Standards KASI Aviation is a proud member of the International Airborne
Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA) which promotes the safe operation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft on airborne geophysical surveys. Safety is of paramount importance to us and that is why we have invested in the latest safety equipment. Our aircraft are equipped with a 406 Mhz emergency locator (ELT) and the Guardian Mobility SkyTrax 3l Global Tracking System, with SAT/COM capabilities. With the global tracking system, KASI aviation can provide their clients with the exact position of the aircraft at all times.

Our Navajo Aircraft

KASI Aviation Services Inc. owns and operates two PA31 Piper Navajos. We strive to provide the best possible service and most versatility to our clients. Our aircraft have been carefully modified to reduce aircraft induced magnetic noise to produce an exceptionally low figure of merit of less than 0.6nT as measured by the standards of the Geological Survey of Canada. C-GKSI is a versatile and proven aircraft, in addition to its Geophysical survey capabilities, recent modifications make completely READY for LiDAR OPERATIONS, with either the Optech 3100 or Leica ALS50/70 systems. This aircraft can be customized for the most intricate airborne surveys, LiDAR or Airborne photo operations.

The types of surveying equipment that KASI Aviation aircraft can be equipped with:

1. Magnetometer 2. Gradiometer

3. Spectrometer 4. Gravity Meter

5. VLF-EM System 6. LiDar/ALTM

7. Vexel /Ultracam 8. Hyperspectal Imaging

Aviation Expertise you Can Trust Whether your aviation needs are operational, technical or administrative, KalusAir Services and their airborne division at KASI Aviation (KASI) can offer you top-of-the-line services and professional expertise. KASI has bases in Ontario, Quebec
(Canada) and the United States.To meet the ongoing and increasing demands for Airborne Camera and LiDAR operations, KASI Aviation has purchased another PA31 Navajo. C-GKSX has recently been modified with a 21” x 21” multipurpose opening, perfectly suited for a variety of Camera or LiDAR installations.

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